project details

Client: Manufacturing Facility
Fall Concerrn: Fall entering racking system
Solution: Enclosed track system
Client Location: Illinois
Outcome: No further "Lost Time"
Other: Safe working environment

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Northland Safety Solutions specializes in Engineered Fall Protection Products and Services. We have over 50 years of experience in this industry


About Project

Our client is a manufacturer of construction equipment.  They had fall protection exposures on their elevated conveyor systems and their entrances to their Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).  These exposures represent several locations within an old, established facility.

Our Client’s Challenge

When our client’s maintenance personnel work on the elevated conveyors or need to enter these storage racks, they are exposed to a fall as these working areas are more than four feet above a lower level.  Since this is an old, established facility, the challenge was to get the “material” for the proposed fall protection systems into the required areas.

Our Approach And Solution

NSS Fall Protection Specialists visited this facility to perform the Initial Site Assessment.  It was recommended that a series of rigid forms of fall protection (enclosed track systems) be installed where these fall hazards occur.  NSS designed, furnished, and installed these rigid forms of fall protection in smaller ‘sections’, which allowed the systems to be installed manually, as there was not enough room to utilize the typical aerial equipment required for this type of work.