project details

Client: Food Processing
Fall Concerrn: Leading edge
Solution: Guard rails, Catwalks
Client Location: Minnesota
Outcome: No personal injuries incurred
Other: OSHA compliance

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Northland Safety Solutions specializes in Engineered Fall Protection Products and Services. We have over 50 years of experience in this industry


About Project

Our client is a food processing company that has many maintenance activities to perform on their building rooftops.  These activities expose their employees to falls of more than four feet above a lower level; therefore, fall protection is required.

Our Client’s Challenge

When our client’s maintenance personnel perform this work, they are exposed to leading edges, tops of condensers, catwalks, and elevation changes from one level of rooftop to another.  Each of these hazards provide an unsafe workplace for their employees and need to be addressed to maintain OSHA compliance.

Our Approach And Solution

NSS Fall Protection Specialists visited this facility to perform the Initial Site Assessment.  It was recommended that a “passive” form of fall protection on these rooftops be installed.  NSS designed, furnished, and installed this passive form of fall protection that included guardrails, new catwalks, and ladders/stairways for safe access from one roof level to another.