project details

Client: Food Processing
Fall Concerrn: Miss aligned pallet
Solution: Safety Nets
Client Location: Wisconsin
Outcome: No personal injuries incurred
Other: Safe working environment

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About Project

Our client is a food processing company that refrigerates product prior to shipment. This product is stored in an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).  Occasionally, the pallets that these products are stored on become misaligned. Employees then need to enter these storage racks to realign these pallets.

Our Client’s Challenge

When our client’s employees enter these storage racks, they are exposed to a fall as the storage racking system is six levels high.  The ASRS’s racking support structure is not an acceptable anchorage point as it does not have the required strength for an “active” form of fall protection.  Therefore, our client was unsure how to provide fall protection for their employees while this work is being performed.

Our Approach And Solution

NSS Fall Protection Specialists visited this facility to perform the Initial Site Assessment. It was recommended that installation of a series of fall protection ‘nets’ on each level be installed to prevent a fall from occurring. NSS designed, furnished, and installed a series of nets to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. These fall protection nets provide a “passive” form of fall protection for the employees.