Initial Site Assessment

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Initial Site Assessment - Fall Hazzard Analysis

The first step in any assessment is to try and ‘engineer the fall out of the workplace’. If this is not possible, NSS will determine if a fall-restraint system can be utilized to prevent a fall from occurring. If a fall-restraint system is not feasible, a fall-arrest system will be recommended. The fall-arrest system will need to designed such to reduce the impact forces of the fall imposed on the user, and to ensure the user does not hit a lower level and/or obstruction.


Since each fall protection exposures is unique to itself, NSS recommends an Initial Fall Hazard Assessment of each facility’s fall protection requirements. This Initial Fall Hazard Assessment will help determine what type of remediation steps need to be taken to address these exposures.

Initial Site Assessment - Fall Protection Specialist


The key to any Initial Fall Hazard Assessment is input from the customer. Understanding their current processes and procedures are paramount when making a recommendation on any potential Solution to their fall protection requirements. NSS’ Fall Protection Specialists are properly trained and experienced to make these critical decisions to ensure a safe working environment for the users.

Initial Site Assessment