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Stairways provide safe access from one working level to another.  These stairways can be any height and designed as: 1) Conventional Stairway, 2) ‘Ships Ladder’, 3) Crossover Stairs and 4) Fixed Vertical Ladder.  Stairways can be made out of raw steel, stainless steel, aluminum and/or fiberglass, depending on the customer requirements of the project.

Permanent stairway access is designed to provide change in elevation access for equipment maintenance, rooftop access and aerial platform access. Utilizing safety gates they can be installed in conjunction with permanent guardrail protection if required.

New stairway access with safety gates can provide easy access for employees doing equipment maintenance, transporting equipment and tools for a number of tasks.

Stairways & Permanent guardrails along with platforms are good components for providing safe access to a number of different applications.

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For the safest daily operations in your workplace, contact the experts at Northland Safety Solutions. We can provide a fall hazard assessment for your facility, and a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations for solutions to existing workplace fall hazards.