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Catwalk Guardrails and Fall Protection Solutions

Catwalk Guardrails and Fall Protection Solutions

Unprotected catwalks can be a dangerous work place hazard. Most catwalks are used in locations where a fall would be dangerous to the person on the catwalk and to the people below. Catwalks do not have to present a fall hazard if the proper fall protection systems are employed. Whether the catwalk is in a theater or an industrial manufacturing facility the proper fall protection measures should be employed.

Catwalk Guardrails and Fall Protection Solutions 101

Catwalks provide safe access from one working location to another in a ‘passive’ form of fall protection. Catwalks can be designed to integrate into the existing support structure or an independent self-supporting structure, depending on the customer requirements.  The catwalk can be fabricated out of carbon steel, stainless steel and/or fiberglass, while the walking surfaces can be supplied in checker plate, grating and/or expanded metal.

Catwalk Fall Arrest Systems

If guardrail cannot be attached to the catwalk or there is some other impediment to using guardrail, fall arrest systems are another option. Though less preferred due to training, maintenance and safety concerns, fall arrest systems can be used to stop a fall from a catwalk. Two fall arrest systems that may be helpful in stopping falls from a catwalk are: rigid rail overhead lifelines and standard horizontal lifelines. Rigid rail lifelines do not have the flex of overhead wire systems and stop a fall in a shorter distance. Standard horizontal lifelines can be used if overhead protection is not an option.

Applications for catwalks include:

  • Machine Maintenance
  • Cooling Towers
  • Railcar and Truck
  • Aircraft Hangars

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For the safest daily operations in your workplace, contact the experts at Northland Safety Solutions. We can provide a fall hazard assessment for your facility, and a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations for solutions to existing workplace fall hazards.