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Access Platforms

Access Platforms

Access Platforms, which are designed as ‘passive’ forms of fall protection, provide users with a safe working environment at elevated heights. Included in an Access Platform are the following: 1) stairway, 2) platform, 3) guardrails and 4) independent support structure, if required. Additionally, the Access Platform can include self-closing gates and gangways to provide safe access to the top of rolling stock (railcars and trucks).

Access Platforms and Stair Assemblies

Northland Safety Solutions will provide designs of the proposed assembly to ensure compatibility with site dimensions. High precision components are bolted together to reduce erection time and without need for hot work above finished roofs or other sensitive areas. Elevated work platforms may be used as a ladder replacement for access to parts such as valves or filters which require regular maintenance. Save time and eliminate costs associated with engineering and fabrication of traditional shop-built work platform.

Custom Access Platforms

Our platforms offer a secure, quick, and convenient method to reach an elevated work position. Ladders are not always available on trucks or rail cars. When access to these vehicles is required, your employees will need a safe way to get to their destination.

Applications for access platforms include:

  • Railcar and Truck
  • Building Rooftop
  • Exposed Walkway
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Mezzanine
  • Modular Homes

Call Northland Safety Solutions to Analyze Your Workplace Fall Hazards

For the safest daily operations in your workplace, contact the experts at Northland Safety Solutions. We can provide a fall hazard assessment for your facility, and a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations for solutions to existing workplace fall hazards.

Access Platform
Access Platforms