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User Training

User Training

User Training Stipulations: OSHA states, “Horizontal lifelines shall be designed, installed and used under the supervision of a Qualified Person”. NSS interprets this to mean training on the proper use, care and maintenance of the system is required before the system can be certified for use.

Once our system installation has been completed, we provide a two-part user training session. The first part is a PPP in a classroom environment. This part of the user training includes:
User Training

  • OSHA/ANSI regulations.
  • Specific system design parameters.
  • Inspection requirements, for the systems and the user equipment.
  • Rescue/retrieval procedures.
  • Donning of full body harnesses.

The second part of this user training includes:

  • Safe access to fall protection systems.
  • Proper use of installed fall protection system.
  • The need to maintain 100% fall protection.
  • Inspection, of user equipment and system.
  • Identification of impact indicators.

As previously stated, once this user training has been provided, NSS will certify your systems for use.

Call Northland Safety Solutions For User Training

When the system installation has been completed, NSS will provide user training on the proper use, care and maintenance of the engineering fall protection system that has been installed.  This user training is required by OSHA before the engineered fall protection system can be certified for use.  If required, contact the experts at Northland Safety Solutions for further information on user training.